situationists said: hi, my name is kate- i was accepted ED to cooper for art. i am very concerned that the current student body will feel animosity towards the incoming freshman class due to the repeal of full tuition scholarships, is this true? asking this may seem strange, and i apologize if messaging you was inappropriate or too forward, but i am so very worried.

I don’t think there will be animosity really towards the students, but more towards the current administration. I don’t really think anyone actually thinks worse of the incoming class because they are paying. There might be some kind of shift in dynamic because of tuition, but to be completely honest I think that has nothing to do with the incoming class, and it’s completely unavoidable. I wouldn’t worry because I don’t think there’s really going to be any animosity per say. I hope this makes sense, and yah don’t get worried about stuff like this because right now is when you should be super excited  and stuff before foundation year hits you hard. Also, congratulations on getting in!! I’ve actually been really impressed by the hometest stuff I’ve seen online from this year. Anyways if you have any other questions about cooper feel free to ask, because I feel like there’s a lot of information about cooper that can’t really be found anywhere. 

Anonymous said: When and what made you decide to become to be an artist

So there’s not like one straight forward answer to this, because it’s a lot of things and that would literally take my whole life to explain so I’ll do my best to state my major influences.  Essentially I knew I wanted to be an artist ever since I can remember, I always took art classes since even before first grade and I always enjoyed drawing/painting/photography/sculpture. Then when I moved and went to a new school I was like considered really bad compared to some other girl who could like kind of sort of draw well and acted like she was super great because if it, but I still did art on my free time for fun. Then I went to a super small private school where this one girl was considered the artist of our class and no one else could really pursue art without being compared to her and ridiculed, so I actually gave up art. I then got really into designer vinyl and that whole sub culture of illustration, graffiti, and fine art. From there I became really serious and wanted to be either a graphic designer or an illustrator. I kept pursuing art through high school, during which I was diagnosed with depression, and later transferred because of this to a school that was cyber but had an arts center that was really great. That was actually a really rough time for me and the fact that I survived freshmen year and then went to a school with such a great arts program made me really value things a lot more and work my hardest. But anyways all of this related to art because in some really strange way art was my form of coping with every event in my life, it was always there for me when nothing else was. So I guess what specifically made me decide to become an artist was the fact that I had nothing left, and nothing else to really live for. It was around sophomore year when I realized that I wanted to pursue art because it was what made me happy, which was worth more to me than any amount of money. This is getting really long though so I’ll end it, but basically I kind of knew since I was born I wanted to be an artist and I knew I wanted to pursue it as a career for real when I was but 15. Also this is totally separate from how I got into photography, but that’s like a really long story. Now the art life has now led me here where I’m icing my obnoxiously large blister from working with metal and burning myself for the like 5th time.

Anonymous said: Do you, at times, when you are feeling unsecured, doubt if you should make art for the rest of your life?

I’m not sure what you mean, but not really. I just doubt what I’m doing currently at times and I doubt the purpose of an arts education/formal education in general. I guess it’s just hard for me more to have a lot of assignments that I feel don’t relate to what I want to do, and then I see a lot of my friends either at other schools or doing client work doing incredible photos while I’m just sitting here cutting cardboard and making plaster molds. In the end though I know that all the things I’m doing now do relate to what I want to do in the end, and that it’s up to me to relate what I’m doing back to my work. I don’t know how much this answers your question, but I guess I’d just say no I don’t doubt my decision to make art, because I have nothing else I could possibly do and I don’t think I could really live without art. I have times where I doubt the art I create, or I just create works that I know aren’t my best, but then I get back up and make better work. I doubt the institution, and the validity of art as well as the educational system a lot, but never my art or myself as an artist. 

Anonymous said: Let's be honest, your work is fucking amazing. Why aren't you posting stuff on flickr anymore :'(

Omg ok first of all I like briefly read over this and thought it was like a hater message for some reason because I’m slowly going crazy. Anyways I’ve been working super hard like everyday on schoolwork, because I have about 30 hours of actual classes alone plus about 4+ hours at least of homework for studio classes. I also have no photo classes so I was going to post my 3dd work but never got around to it. I just finished a new photo though, so I’ll post it tonight. Ugh I miss everyone on flickr so much though!! I’ll try my hardest to keep posting and stuff on there when I can!! But thank you so much for sending this, I’m actually really glad people care, because I kind of thought no one would really miss me on there.

Anonymous said: Hi, I am an international HS student who is applying to the school of art. I am wondering if CU has actually accepted any international student who live outside of United State. Is it highly unlikely for me, who lives outside of US (and have not attended the national portfolio day) to be selected by the school of art?

Hi, I know a lot of architecture students who are international as well as engineers but not as many for art. I don’t think it’s highly unlikely at all though, Cooper accepts a lot of international students, and I know several people who applied to art and got in even though they literally never had a single portfolio review. It’s really all about you and your work as far as I know, also people who I’ve talked to said they actually had negative portfolio reviews where they were told they shouldn’t even pursue art, yet they still got in so honestly the reviews don’t really determine who gets in. That’s all I know though, so my best advice is to take your application seriously and just make sure you understand the hometest and everything beforehand. I hope this answers your question!

Anonymous said: How has Cooper been so far?

It’s been good I guess, I mean it’s a lot of work and you have like 30+ hours of studio classes and about 30 more hours of studio work for homework, but it’s honestly a really great environment. With the exception of a few people I feel like everyone really tries their hardest and I feel like literally everyone here is on the same level with work so that it’s not super competitive or anything, and honestly everyone is super nice. I made a lot of friends here super fast too which is great, and like you basically have all your classes with mainly one section so you get to know people. The assignments are kind of what you make of them, and you can really either learn a lot or just kind of make it by. I feel like I’ve actually been learning so much, and that I’ve been growing as an artist here. And I mean the social life is still pretty good here too. Honestly it’s like this thing that just alters between being the best and worst moment for your life, but those low moments help to raise you to success. Anyways, I’ll stop now, but it’s pretty great here and nothing like how it was made out to be by other people.

kiltrout said: So, how fucking annoying is the new Flickr?!?! What a disaster...

It keeps getting worse…

Anonymous said: do you have some sort of a hack on your flickr account?

Do I even have a flickr anymore?


wish i could have been there </3


wish i could have been there </3

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